How to Test Your Bootstrap HTML stuff when you Don't Have Local Host

If you’re not on your computer and and what to see how your html elements that use bootstrap look like when you can access local host, you can use this: Bootply.

In you can copy and paste your code onto the editor and then click the “Run” button in the top navigation bar.

Then you can see your items (and how they’d look) and make edits as appropriate.

I used bootply yesterday when I was working on copywriting on a html.erb page. Unfortunately, I didn’t have access to local host (was on a different computer and I was too lazy to figure out (1-2 hours) why local host wasn’t working on this particular computer), so because it was only:

  • A copywriting activity and,
  • A formatting activity Bootply was enough to work with.

So, in the case that you’re doing some formatting with bootstrap and writing, check out bootply.

Note: I’m not associated with them in anyway, I just wrote this post because Bootply helped me to still be productive yesterday!

Author: Github: Adcopywriter (Vi Nguyen)

Written on September 23, 2015