Our First Day - Rails Girls Summer of Code 2015 in Melbourne, Australia

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Hi, in this daily log we’ll provide updates on the things that we plan to do today and some to-dos for the next day… We’ll also put in our two bob worth on other things, most of it nonsensical probably… but without any further ado here’s the daily log for the first day for Rails Girls Summer of Code 2015 in freezing Melbourne….


  1. Getting to know our coaching company
  2. Setting up a text editor in the new computers our lovely coaching company Redbubble.com have loaned us (thanks again guys!)
  3. Getting a local instance of discourse working and being able to push from our local instance to the github repo. Using the guide - installrails.com was indispensible in helping us set up an environment.
  4. Doing our first daily log :-)
  5. Did our team photo and embedded into this post using google drive. See instructions below.

How to embed an image file hosted on google drive.

  • Create a public folder that is available to everyone.
  • Put your pics in there. If you get the link for that picture you’ll end up with a url that looks like https://drive.google.com/file/d//view?usp=sharing.
  • Use the embed url which is https://googledrive.com/host/.
  • Yay! It works!

Weekly goals:

  • Setting up the local environment
  • Creating a basic plugin
Written on July 1, 2015