Wednesday Wraps

Sarah: I will spend tomorrow elaborating more on my work today. There are many questions to ask the coaches regarding my deconstruction of the adsense.js.es6 file.

Thus, 3 things I did today:

  1. Deconstruct adsense.js.es6 (with many js questions)

  2. Meet coach Adel! She was so much fun to talk to. Thanks for stopping by to see our workspace!

  3. Had a good conversation with Vi. I shared my worries on the advertising plugin, but she calmly listened and made her way to meet me even though she wasn’t feeling too well. I’m extremely thankful, and now things don’t seem so daunting anymore.

[edit 12/07: title change from ‘W’ to ‘Wednesday Wraps’, and a note that we’ll be updating the blog according to milestones as opposed to daily records now (going to focus on coding now…)]

Written on July 8, 2015