Poking everything from all angles and if it doesn't work, don't poke?

Here’s one week’s worth of backlog for this lovely space!

Suggestions from Mentor

Had our usual Hangout with Robin where he introduced us to git grep shortcuts, heard more about our plans and gave words of advice.

Getting to know the people at workspace

We’ve been having daily standups, sometimes just between ourselves if the coaches are busy, but it’s a good way to remind ourselves what needs to be done and how we can improve things.

Recently, we had morning tea with Redbubble where we were introduced.

Getting the ad to show

Been using code chef to test things…

I started Monday with succeeding the hardcoded html on app/…/application.erb.

This hardcodiing was a good indication that the link works.

However, from there I was stuck on trying to get it to work on the plugin.

Nothing appeared…

I tried looking at it from all files and perspectives but the ad just wouldn’t show up.

Confusing because it did work with youtube embed links, so the same should be for the plugin right? (Btw that video is an awesome piano cover for a certain japanese medley/song)

In that sense, I tried to poke everything. What I should have realised was that the file wouldn’t have worked in this format. So don't poke. Try something else - which Vi succeeded in. Maybe, nudge instead.

Discussed ad functionality with Vi through random wall sketches…

PS: Hope to hear more from mentor and coaches about the possibilities of a html input text field in ember framework! Could potentially be disastrous because of user injection possibilites though.

Better at Git

With more exposure, I’ve been getting git commands on the terminal right! This includes git push, pull and commits. Finding more sense in pull requests and branches now that I know what they’re for. Commenting on code is great with them too.


Yay! (basic plugin works now!)

Signing off,


Written on July 16, 2015