Building a Personal Website on Git


  1. Github Pages
  2. Jekyll Themes
  3. Domain Name

Backstory: I had previously got Discourse on production through Digital Ocean, Docker and thereafter the Domain itself. This was mainly done to render and check the sizes for Mobile Advertisements. The instructions are straightforward and simple for anyone who’d like to try Installing Discourse on Ubuntu 14.04.

Three Easy Steps: ####Github Pages

Set up your very own site.

####Jekyll Themes

Fork a Repo! Jekyll has been an absolute lifesaver. The designs there are organic, easy to install and configure. They remind me of the good ol’ days I played around with blogskins during the era. If you don’t already support Jekyll, follow these installation instructions.

####Get a Domain Name

I bought my domain on GoDaddy for under AUD$2. This was shockingly cheap thanks to working discount codes floating around the net. If you’re under the Github Student Developer Pack, you might be able to use some of the sponsors (hint: namecheap) to your advantage!

Link up the site to your domain by adding a CNAME file to your repository and configure a GoDaddy domain with github pages

You’re all done!

Signing Off, Sarah

Written on September 15, 2015